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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

All about being the great Soul that I Am


We receive a lot of e-mails from people who are deeply impacted by the 5 Steps we teach for hearing God’s Voice. A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a gentleman named Norman, who was going through our 30-Day Course and was on day 17. What he shared was very moving and inspiring to me. I asked him if I could share with you, and he gladly said yes. Below are two of the many e-mails he has sent to me over the past few weeks with the beautiful communications and experiences that he is receiving from Holy Spirit. May they touch your heart as they did mine.

“Hi, DavidPaul.

I’m on day 17, and I want to write you and tell you of my experience recently. This past Sunday until now I had a right shoulder freeze up in pain. I’ve been taking care of this with a few days off work.

Here’s what I received on Day 16 of the 5 Steps DVD workshop:


“Wednesday morning, I asked my inner Guide, “Can you speak on my physical pain.” The answer was not what I thought it would be (something along the line of specifics like leaving my job, and or eating differently, etc. Though the message does not preclude such changes).

Blessed one, your body is not the problem. Your right arm is certainly not the problem. The world is not your problem. You already know what you need to know. This is no chastisement, but truly a factual assessment. It is time to begin letting go of your hatred (fear) of this world and of your body. This does not serve you, but traps you in the mirror reflection of this hate (fear). The whole world is a cry for help, a cry for love, no matter what else it may appear as. The body, itself, is a cry for love. Separation from Source causes crying for what is felt to be missing. Forgive your body for being. Forgive your world for being. And forgive yourself for being!

Let go the tightening and defensive, rigid posture of your ego mind. You but hurt inside, is all that’s going on. Your body is but a puppet you manipulate yourself. It is harmless and only a servant in behalf of communicating God’s love, when rightly seen and utilized. It’s by your hand that it moves. You have been the puppet master, blaming the puppet for how it is unreliable. It is time to let the real Master, your true Self, the I AM, pull the strings of the marionette. Give the puppet to Me and let Me move it. It will move much more flexibly and gracefully.

Then your body becomes healing force for others, to help them see the man behind their curtain of ego. Do not ignore the puppet master. Do not ignore the man behind the curtain. It is you. Hand over the strings to your right Mind and see the puppet come alive in joy and graceful action. Physician heal thyself. There’s no need to kill the wicked witch, but to see with Love’s eyes all the cries for love, however they may appear.

Puppet master, give the strings to the real Master, so you can relax in life and living, in trust and faith, and in peace and in love’s creative expression on earth and in heaven. Then watch and savor the wonderful ballet, set to the most beautiful music of the soul. It is but a play of forgiveness, love, redemption, peace and joy unsurpassable. You are so loved by God. And so it is.

Let go. Amen”

This seems a perfect message for moving into this next day, Day 17, of speaking God’s voice.

Again much love to you,

The following day, I received this e-mail from Norman:

I just did the Day 17 exercise and, oh my God, it was so beautiful, I’m still crying as I write this to you. All about being the great Soul that I am. That as God is the Soul of all souls encompassing and transcending all souls, the One Soul, so my body is like the perfect fitting glove to the one Hand that is my Love. There is only one Soul and I am that one Soul, the creation and expression of that one Soul. It is time to let go of my clinging to “little-ness” and little self, and be the Great Self I am made of. Holy Spirit, in speaking, said it much more eloquently. Even in physical pain, I am so blessed. I sent much unconditional love to my body and I’m perfectly in sync with my ACIM lesson review # 53, which includes, “God did not make a meaningless world.” “…the perfection of creation is my home…Let me remember the power of my decision, and recognize where I really abide.”

Blessings, Norman”