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The Aftermath of a Break-Up

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I have been struggling with a new loss these days; not a death, disease or calamity of worldly proportions but a loss, nevertheless. My daughter has recently, mutually, decided to end a relationship with a darling young man who had become, essentially, part of the family. There appear to be no hard feelings, no drama, but simply a parting of the ways. But where does that leave the family? I suppose only parents can relate to the  ins and outs of ever-changing family relationships what, with: dating, “hanging out”, breaking up, divorce and any combination of these that we encounter with those we love. I want to share a beautiful and very helpful message from Holy Spirit that truly eased my heart. It may help others going through a similar sense of helplessness and loss when they experience a child or sibling or friend grow apart from someone whom they have already welcomed into their heart.

“Holy Precious One,

Greetings and blessings to you, this morning. Our oneness is tingling with the joy of your awareness. We give thanks when you give thanks. We experience the rush and relief of your tears and the glorious tension of doubt and uncertainty. These amazing experiences are treasures to us—each and every one of them.  Thank you.  Truly—thank you.

Precious One, you have been asking what this loss of your daughter’s boyfriend you are experiencing means, what it points to and what it is.

Firstly, let the loss be what it is: A new moment where things are different in circumstances than before. Breathe. Breathe again……and again.  See that although outer forms have shifted, Love remains. The Love and adoration you have allowed yourself to experience remain—it is your true nature and you have become aware of it.

Fear not this capability to love and adore without reservation—this moment by moment joy is a bubbling, a percolating which gives your love energy and shape—bubbles of unconditional love. Now, practice this with others:  notice their smile, their enthusiasm, their puppy freshness. Notice their great and ever-present willingness to love and be loved.

Fear not the experience of expanding your adoration to others, to all. Adoration is a beautiful combination of joy and unconditional witness. It is the awareness of what is bubbling up at a rate that gives way to tickling happiness; a gladness simply to be alive, to witness and notice. SEE your brother in all his glory, his arraignment of good, bad or indifferent; his clothing of mercury, sludge or sparkle. This witnessing is intense and practical for, it quickly produces appreciation for what is presented to you. This divine cataloguing is the joy present in the moment, of WHAT IS, stretching its wings and strengthening.

Do not fear the loss of this part of your nature. When you think of this one, this child of your heart, and you experience any sense of missing him, give thanks for the interaction you had with him and the gift this has brought to your awareness: your natural ability to unconditionally love your brother. He may remain adored and loved even though he is out of your physical presence. One does not preclude the other.  Simply trust the adoration begun in you will grow to include all your brothers. This is a tiny– a teeny tiny–glimpse of our unconditional witness of your living, your loving and your experiencing.

We adore you in this way, gleefully accepting all you are, all you do, all you say and what you look like doing it. Our adoration of you is a joy in itself.  You become one with this joy as you experience this adoration of others, yourself; and doubled again and again in intensity and strength as you pass it on.

Amen and Selah.”