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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Affirmations to Conceive a Child

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Vanessa: “I am in my 40’s now and trying to conceive a child. Can you suggest any spiritual affirmations which I can use for conceiving? Will I succeed?”

The Voice for Love: “Dearest One, you are truly aching, bursting to express love. This is why the need, desire, and intense dream of conceiving your own child is so rich in your heart. As you wait, this is the very time to begin practicing extending the love that is already ripe in our heart. So many feel almost foolish about loving others in this world in the way it is acceptable to love an infant, a newly born one, a child. It is time to cast off the propriety you hold on how to love. Everything is acceptable, all love is maximal.

“Love nourishes, comforts, guides, enjoys. Love whispers, shouts, laughs, sighs, giggles, tickles, and cries. Let the love you are flow forth unimpeded. Darling, this is what stands in your way, not just in conceiving a baby but in fully realizing your joy. It is most helpful to begin each day with a practice of opening in love to all that comes before you. You can extend love to your thoughts firstly.

“Notice your thoughts, welcome them, see them for what they are: thoughts. Allow them without judgment. As you notice your thoughts you may feel sadness, desperation, unworthiness, deep wanting of a child of your own. Welcome these thoughts, too, for they are not the truth about you. They simply come to give you the opportunity to know your own heart. At your core, you are love. You can only love. You can only give love, be love, say love, think love.

“Each morning spend time, even five minutes, marveling at this fact: I am Love. Close your eyes and sink into this truth. I am Love. Let this truth of who you are permeate your day. Let it guide you in both decision and feeling. When thoughts of thwarted desire to have a baby arise, remember: I am Love. I am Love. I am Love. That is all. In this way you will release all your thoughts which tell you otherwise and you can begin to see the very, most perfect moment which is indeed the one you are in.

“Thank you, precious child, for remembering to ask. Now remember: I am Love.

“Amen and Selah.”