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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

Addiction, Counseling, and the Voice of God

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Counseling others is a fundamental job of most ministers. Recently, Cedarbook Church Pastor Remy Diederich wrote a book called, “Healing the Hurts of Your Past: A Guide to Overcoming the Pain of Shame.” The premise for the book started with Pastor Diederich’s work as the spiritual advisor for Arbor Place, a treatment center. Diederich didn’t know anything about addiction when he started. Now, 15 years later, he’s written this book to help people release the shame they feel around addiction.

Diederich believes that we have come to have much higher expectations of ourselves and what we are able to accomplish given the rise of Internet technologies and our increased work ethic and hours worked each day. As a result, we believe that we should heal our addictions much more quickly and thoroughly than we used to. He says this causes many people a great deal of shame when they are unable to heal as quickly as they think they should.

We receive many addiction related calls on our spiritual counseling hotline. I’ve seen firsthand the shame and guilt that people feel over their addictions. When we believe that we are not following God’s path for us, and we are instead following the path of fear, it’s natural for us to feel guilt and shame. When we are following the path based on love, truth, and clarity, and we feel connected with ourselves. As a result, we feel connected to God, and there is no need within us to fill guilty about that. When we are feeling disconnected from God, we feel as if we have strayed. This is what produces guilt within us. This is why the ego is based upon fear and guilt.

When we join with God and practice hearing God’s voice within us, we are able to join with the presence of God in a tangible and experiential way. When we do, we feel our connection to God. When we feel that connection, we experience God’s love and acceptance for us. As a result, we do not feel guilt and shame. We feel loved and whole. This helps us to release guilt and fear and replace them with love. This is the power of joining with God within us.

I think it’s wonderful that Diederich wrote this book to help people release the guilt and shame they feel from not getting over their addictions as quickly as they think they should. When they let go of their guilt and fear, this helps them to have more self-love, which in turn helps them to choose differently. What a blessing indeed!