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A Guide to Love, God, Prayer, Meditation, & Peace Within You—Right Now

A Message for Mother Earth


I was asked to participate in an internet radio “Energy Panel” for Mother Earth. Since I was traveling on the day of the on-air panel, I asked Spirit for a message to send in to be read on the air. This is the message I received:

“Dear Ones,

“Thank you for your dedication to the Light and to the upliftment of yourselves and your fellow travelers on your beautiful world. Please know that all is in perfect order. You have all come here with wonderful plans and wonderful dreams. All of these are still active. Nothing is ever lost from you – nothing that is of the Light.

“As you gather your hearts together to send Love and Light to your world and your fellows, please do so with your hearts wide open. Open your minds also, to see that all that occurs is in divine order. You have made your plans, and others have made theirs, and each of you is able to see your plans fulfilled. The world you live upon is an out-picturing of your own hearts’ plans. Please allow your hearts to be at peace.

“Let your hearts open in peaceful loving embrace of All that Is. All that Is includes your world and all upon her. Let this love, this peaceful love, encircle and envelope all. Let your love settle like a peaceful fog upon those who may be suffering through the out-picturing of their own soul-generated plans. Let your own soul dictate your peace throughout all that will unfold around you. Allow this peaceful fog to overcome your fear, to envelope your personal world, including all you encounter day by day. Rest in this peace and let not your hearts be troubled.

Allow this peace to spread naturally through your mind, your heart, your personal world and out into the vast world around you. Let it encircle and hold in embrace all events, all circumstances, all occurrences of whatever nature they may be. Let it assure you of your perfect safety, of the perfect safety of all who travel with you, and of your assured homecoming.

“Be assured that your hearts are known, and know and remember always that you are loved beyond measure. Amen.”