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5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30 Day Course – Worldwide Release


5 Steps to Hearing God's Voice 30 Day CourseThis is a proud and happy day for me. I have a very exciting, limited time offer to share with you today. I believe this is the most life impacting opportunity I’ve shared with you in the past nine months. Let me explain what it is before you watch the video below…

For the past eight years, our #1 life-changing teaching has been our “5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30 Day Course.” No exaggeration… This five-step process has personally impacted tens of thousands of people’s lives around the world in profound ways. Last summer Candace and I completely revamped this 30 Day Course from scratch, incorporating eight years of our learning and growth as teachers of this God-given process. Not only did we redo the entire program, we spent two solid months and over $10,000 professionally filming and editing this new program, making it the very first time we have ever put our teachings on DVD. Today, I am proud and excited to tell you that we are now releasing it for the first time to our entire mailing list. But that’s just the beginning…

To mark this special occasion, we would like to do something equally as special. For the first 20 people who get this new program, we are offering this very unique opportunity. If you purchase our new “5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30 Day Course” on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, as an audio or video download, or as an iPhone/ iPad app, we are going to give you FREE OF CHARGE the following additional bonus gifts:

1. You will be partnered up with one of the other 20 people who purchases the program along with you so you have someone to go through the program with, share your experiences with, ask questions of, and help keep you on track.

2. All 20 people will begin the program on the same day. After the first 15 days, I will personally give all 20 people a free tele-seminar live over the telephone where I will review the entire five-step process and answer every question you have about it. At the end of the program, I will host another free tele-seminar where I will help you to integrate the five steps into your life and answer any remaining questions you have. This is a rare and unique opportunity as I haven’t taught these five steps to the public myself in over three years. All the teaching that I personally do, hundreds of hours every year, is exclusively for our one-year certification program.

3. All 20 people will receive full access to our private “5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice” Facebook group where you will be able to chat and interact with your fellow students, us, and our staff memberswhile you’re going through the program.

4. And as a final bonus, you’ll receive a download link of 10 private sessions with the Holy Spirit that Candace and I have given over the years for you to listen to. These private sessions cover a wide range of topics and are very powerful and impacting to listen to.

If you know you want to participate in this unique opportunity and become one of the 20 people who get to participate, click the link below to purchase the course now. If you’re not yet sure, keep reading and watch the video below:

Click here to get the program now

All of these bonus gifts, including your partner, two free tele-seminars with me, the private Facebook group, and the 10 Private Sessions are all absolutely free. You won’t be charged a dime for them. I’m offering these to you because I’m 100% committed to ensuring your success with this 30 day program. I want to guarantee that by the end of 30 days, you are hearing God’s voice within you in a very clear and recognizable way and I know with this level of support it’s guaranteed to happen.

Before sharing a little sneak peek of the DVD and online portal below, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the program itself:

In the first 15 days of the course, you will learn:

  • The same life-changing 5-Step Process Candace and I were taught many years ago.
  • How to release the limitations, beliefs, painful emotions, judgments, and fears within you that keep you from fully joining with your truest and highest Self— the Presence of God within you.
  • How to emotionally and physically feel the Presence of God within you.
  • The three keys to hearing God’s Voice as a distinct and conversational voice.
  • How to audibly share this Divine Voice with friends, family, and those in need.

In the remaining 15 days of the course you will learn:

  • How to be more consistently aware of this divine connection throughout your day.
  • How to integrate the 5-Steps into your daily activities.
  • How to receive divine guidance and healing not just in meditation, but also when you’re stressed out and emotionally and physically challenged —those times when you need it the most.
  • How to use the 5-Steps to uncover your heart’s desire, understand your life’s purpose, and discover God’s will for you.
  • And you will be guided through a unique process for creating your own spiritual integration plan and be guided in how to follow through with that plan on a daily basis.

If you know you want to be one of the 20 people who get to participate in this unique opportunity, click the link below now to purchase the course before the class closes:

Click here to get the program now

To watch a sneak peek of the DVD and online portal, click the play button below now. (Click the arrows in the lower right-hand corner to watch it full-screen):

This worldwide release of our all-new “5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice 30 Day Course” is one of the most exciting opportunities we’ve ever announced. Not only will you receive this nine hour life-changing program at the normal website price, you will also receive a partner to go through the program with you, two free tele-classes from me, access to our private Facebook group, and 10 free private session recordings with the Holy Spirit delivered by me and my wife, Candace.

This opportunity is only available to the first 20 people who sign up.

If you want to hear God’s voice within you in a very clear and life-changing way, I sincerely believe there is no better opportunity in the entire world to learn how to do that than right now.

To become one of the 20 people who get to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and have your life changed forever, click the link below now and purchase any version of the program you want. It’s available on Blu-ray, DVD, CD, an audio and video download, and as an iPhone/ iPad app. It doesn’t matter which version of the program you get. Just get it now before the class fills up!

Click here to get the program now

With joy, passion, and gratitude,

DavidPaul Doyle
Co-Founder of The Voice for Love

P.S. If you have any friends who would like to participate, please forward this to them or share it on Facebook below!