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“Who am I?” We Cry Inside

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I’m not sure what I enjoy more, teaching people how to receive divine guidance and wisdom, or having them share with me the wonderful messages they receive.

A few days ago, I received an e-mail from Phil Preston. Phil had recently purchased our 5-Steps to Hearing God’s Voice (Author’s Edition) book, and I had sent him a follow-up e-mail to see how it was going.

Phil replied, “Hi DavidPaul. Rest assured the book is at my side and work has already begun. I am amazed at the speed with which things change when we are willing to except what God has to offer. I’m sure you’ll agree. Let me leave you with a little passage I received for those who may be suffering. Once again, it came to me one evening whilst sitting quietly.”

I thought the message Phil received was beautiful, and I wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

“Who would have guessed it would be your destiny to have at your disposal the richness of the mind’s envy, a library of knowledge equal only to the one creation made of itself. Inwardly looking at the stages of your evolvement, seeking only to find the answers to the trivia your mind has laid before you, knowing not where to turn for the question has eluded you so long.

What question! “Who am I?” You have cried inside, misery at the thought, screaming at the one you believed to be persecuting you. “End this torment I can stand no more the darkness here, take me to the light that is my home”. Thinking you were alone without a guardian, no one caring of your future or your past “lift me from this place” you plead, the hurting plain to see to those you call your friends, and what of friendship if they too see nothing of the truth before them.

Who but God could show you the place you long for?

In an instant are you transported to heaven on earth, the moment you awaken to a life without anger, your constant attacks upon yourself whom you thought different. Once given shall you receive the joy you long for; forgive yourself the mistakes you made not knowing the hurt you placed upon your shoulders.

Quickly now you realize “oh…” the aching that you feel, the sadness and regret, tears falling from your face asking for forgiveness never knowing that you had no sin, the Holy Spirit had corrected all that very instant.

Relieve yourself of the burden your mind works so hard to keep. Child of God, suffer no more at the hands of that which wishes it could have what you posses, the freedom to choose a life without that to which your mind has made you slave. Burn to ashes every command it ever gave you in search of its own answers, laugh at the insanity with which you followed its every step. Down and down did you go, further into the abyss.

Fear not, he who has the love you sought is here, here to guide you to the surface; you are not lost, this illusion is past, over in a trice. Hang on to the apron of the Lord for He is flying ever higher now that you are with him in your rightful place. Belief in Him is all He asks of you and heaven is restored to glory. Leap from cloud to cloud in playfulness, laugh with him, frown no more, you are free….”